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Oct 14, 2017 | Blog, Our Life

Cam and I are so incredibly blessed to be a part of the most supportive local group of photographers. Some may think it is a little bit weird, as “technically” we’re competitors, but there is such a solid group of people who support, and cheer one another on. We challenge one another to pursue bigger and better, and to sharpen one another. It has been such a breath of fresh air to celebrate community over competition! Someone very wise once said that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. We have experienced that firsthand in the group of amazing friends we have met through our shared love of photography!

We are always capturing photos of other people’s families, but sometimes, we forget to take the time to have our own photos done by professionals- not just using a self timer! I just realized that I failed to share our AMAZING photos with the very talented Jessica Hunter of Invisible Crown Boudoir & Portrait! In spring, I saw that Jess was offering spots for ‘mommy and me’ sessions in her Weyburn studio. After the year we’ve had, I am realizing how fleeting moments are, and the absolute uncertainty of life. I am not one who is often in pictures, but I felt it was important for me to get in front of the camera with our kids. I told Cam that this was the only gift that I wanted for Mother’s Day – and I am so thankful for this gift!

The kids and I spent the morning with Jess and her amazing crew in Weyburn. She had pulled outfits for us from her jaw-dropping client closet, and Dallen, her amazingly talented hair and make-up artist, was waiting to make us look ah-maz-ing. Hayden and I were SO spoiled- getting our hair done, and pretty much playing “princess for a day”! The boys were cooperative- for the most part. Judah had it in his mind that he couldn’t (and wouldn’t) smile for Jess, no matter how hard she tried. But the photos she got of him are so incredibly perfect, and 100% HIM! Jess joked that when the camera came out, my kids turned into Gap models. While I’m not sure about that, I must say, the photos of Ashton are so perfect, I can’t even!

When people tell me they don’t like to get photos of themselves done, trust me y’all, I get that! I was/am totally that person. Someone pulls out a camera, and I typically book it the other way. If I can’t, I look away. Hide my face. Maybe if I lost a few pounds first, then I would be ok to be in the photos. Or if I could get my hair to look just right. But going through the diagnosis of multiple unexplained pulmonary emboli last year, that could’ve taken my life, forced me to face the fact that my kids could have easily been without a mom. And had that been the case, what memories would there be of me to look back on? I am going to be eternally grateful that it didn’t come to that.

Going back and forth on whether or not to get these photos done gave me an A-HA moment like no other. I need to do better by my kids. Moms, WE need to do better by our kids. Showing them that you don’t need to be seemingly perfect to be “worthy” of pictures. Our sons and daughters need to hear that being the people they were created to be is enough. And that starts with how we talk about ourselves, how we model our lives in front of them. We need to show them that who we were created to be is enough. Hear this– YOU are enough. You matter. You have worth, and you are worthy to be in photographs! Exist in your family’s photos!

Thank you SO much, Jess, for these incredible images. We are so thankful to have these moments frozen in time for us. They are  so much more than just photos to me. They are near, and so very dear to my heart.



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