Korchinski Family – Summer 2023

Sep 28, 2023 | Blog, Family

The leaves have begun their change of wardrobe, shifting from summer green to rich autumn hues of gold and red. So there was no better way to wrap up another wonderful summer, than with the Korchinski family. Gathered around a crackling firepit in the backyard, the warmth of the fire mirrored in the warmth of their smiles and laughter.

The Korchinski family spent a fair number of their weekends camping this summer. So when we asked Valley what one of her favourite summer memories was this year, she very quickly answered, “CAMPING!” And when asked which camping trip was her favourite, after a short pause, her response was, “ALL of them!” When Lisa came to us with this idea for a laid-back campfire shoot, we knew it would suit them to a tee!

Valley embodies childhood joy! With her sights set firmly on the pile of marshmallows and her eyes gleaming with anticipation, she danced around the firepit, her giggles a melody in the crisp evening air. Valley was obviously taught well the Great Hambino’s method of s’more making. “First you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow. When the mallows flaming, you stick it on the chocolate and cover it with the other end. Then, you scarf.” She was exceptionally good at the scarfing part!

Valley’s parents, Kim and Lisa, looked on with full hearts- brimming with pride and joy. As they snuggled around the fire, you could see the love, joy and reflection in their faces. Their journey as a family has seen them through both the ordinary and the extraordinary, forging bonds that grow stronger with each passing day. As they watched Valley’s innocent delight in toasting her marshmallows, and maybe sneaking a couple extras beyond what she was allocated, they laughed and were mesmerized by the blessing that this amazing girl is.

One of our favourite things is the “in-between moments”. Not the posed, but those real, raw, and authentic moments. We could feel the depth of their connection. The way Kim’s arms wrap around them, you can clearly see that his two ladies are his everything. The way his hand would find Lisa’s, or how he would sneak a kiss onto her cheek. The way Valley would run to them for hugs, finding her world of security within their embrace.

We always count it as such a blessing and an honour to be included in this family’s moments and to capture the uniqueness of them at this very moment. Kim, Lisa, and Valley, we are so thankful that we have the opportunity to capture these precious moments for you. Here’s to many more years of capturing your family’s love. May your fireside gatherings always be filled with laughter, love, and always perfectly roasted mallows.


Cam & Courtney

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{ Korchinski Family – Summer 2023 }

Korchinski Family - White City - 01 - Family sits around campfire
Korchinski Family - White City - 02 - Smores supplies
Korchinski Family - White City - 03 - Dad gives his daughter piggyback
Korchinski Family - White City - 04 - Family of three walks holding hands
Korchinski Family - White City - 05 - Little girl sits in grass
Korchinski Family - White City - 06 - Little girls sits in grass with her mom
Korchinski Family - White City - 07 - Family sits in front of wood pile
Korchinski Family - White City - 08 - Family makes silly faces
Korchinski Family - White City - 09 - Little girl sits on her dads lap
Korchinski Family - White City - 10 - Husband whispers in his wifes ear
Korchinski Family - White City - 11 - Family pours hot chocolate by campfire
Korchinski Family - White City - 12 - The mallows are flamin
Korchinski Family - White City - 13 - Girl tries to blow fire out of marshmallow
Korchinski Family - White City - 14 - Family enjoys smores by the fire
Korchinski Family - White City - 15 - Little girl has marshmallow on her face
Korchinski Family - White City - 16 - Girl feeds her dad a smore
Korchinski Family - White City - 17 - Family around the fire
Korchinski Family - White City - 18 - Man kisses his wife on the cheek
Korchinski Family - White City - 19 - Wife sits on her husbands knee
Korchinski Family - White City - 20 - Family sits in a camping chair
Korchinski Family - White City - 21 - Little girl in Timberland toque


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