Hachkewich Family – Summer 2023

Sep 15, 2023 | Blog, Family

We met the Hachkewich family at Tris & Jana’s wedding last summer. We quickly learned that this bunch loves deeply and laughs heartily. The bonds in this family are very strongly tied. When we were asked to take updated family photos this summer, we leapt at the opportunity to catch up with them!

There was a new addition to the Hachkewich clan this spring, whom we were very excited to meet! Tris & Jana welcomed their first baby, Hadley, four months ago. This girl is such a sweetheart, with beautiful little cheeks and a smile that could melt a heart of stone!

Hadley is just the cuuuuutest little thing. And very clearly the apple of everyone’s eye! Especially her grandma and grandpa’s. The time of day we had our session was a tough one for Hadley, but she pushed through like a champ. Each member of the Hachkewich family took their turn to snuggle and help to keep her calm and happy. Though Hadley had some moments of uncertainty with her uncle, it’s clear that he adores her, even in her rough moments!

We had some great evening light, surrounded by the natural beauty of Wascana Trails, showing off the start of all the gorgeous fall colours. It was a perfect evening spent together.

Hachkewich family, thank you so much for asking us to capture your growing family! We love it when we can catch up with past clients and their families after the wedding day. And we look forward to seeing Hadley as she continues to grow!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Hachkewich Family – Summer 2023 }

Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 01 - Family stands in tall grass
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 02 - Grandparents hold their granddaughter
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 03 - Uncle with his baby niece
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 04 - Women of the family
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 05 - Grandparents cuddle granddaughter
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 06 - Mom and dad hold their baby girl
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 07 - Mother holds baby in tall grass
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 08 - Couple hugs on trail
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 09 - Brother and sister
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 10 - Family group hug
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 11 - Baby girl smiles in her dads arms
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 12 - Mom sits on blanket with baby daughter
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 13 - Couple skips along the trail
Hachkewich Family - Wascana Trails - 14 - Family stands overlooking the valley


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