Filby Family – Summer 2023

Jul 19, 2023 | Blog, Family

We are always thrilled to spend time with one of our favourite families – the Filby family. We catch up and photograph them every year and this year was a heartwarming photo session filled with joy, love, and anticipation. The last time we caught up with the beautiful family was last June when we were celebrating Isla’s first birthday! Now, with only six weeks to go until they welcome their newest addition, the excitement is palpable.

Adam, Sarah, and Isla arrived at the exterior of Lady Slipper Courtyard, accompanied by their loyal companion, Atlas, with hearts brimming with love and anticipation for the next chapter in their lives. This session was less of a maternity session, but more to document this time as their wrap-up as only a family of 3. Specifically, to document Isla on the verge of becoming a big sister.

Isla is such a joy to be around and she has some of THE best facial expressions! She and Atlas have such a special bond and have from the moment she was born. Atlas has nothing but incredible patience and love for his little girl. They are so cute together! Isla walked her dog around, holding onto his leash, playing ‘tug’ with a stick and taking breaks to cuddle. Isla, a bubbly and more-than-adventurous little girl, ran alongside Atlas, her giggles echoing through the air, as they explored the natural wonders of the park together. It wasn’t hard for Isla to completely steal the show and take over as the center of our session.

We love documenting the fun and joy of a family, but another thing important to us is to take the time to spend intentional time together. With Isla, running behind us, we wanted to also capture Adam & Sarah alone as they reflect on their marriage and their family. With each passing moment, they cherish their time as a trio, but are also excited, knowing that their hearts will soon expand to welcome the newest member of their family.

The upcoming arrival of their second child adds an extra layer of joy to this photo session as their family dynamics are about to undergo a beautiful transformation. This was a beautiful reminder for them, but also for us, to slow down, to take in the love that surrounds them, to freeze this specific moment in time as a family of three and to embrace the special bond they share.

Adam and Sarah’s love for one another and Isla is unwavering, and it’s evident that their hearts are already full of love for the new baby who will soon complete their family. Isla is very aware and receptive to the new baby that is to come – always willing to give kisses and hugs to her future brother or sister. As they eagerly await the arrival of their little one, we know the Filby family will cherish these family photos, forever preserving this special time as they transition into a family of four.

Congratulations, Adam, Sarah, and Isla, on the upcoming arrival of your newest family member! We cannot wait to meet the little one and witness the next chapter of your beautiful story unfold. Your love and bond as a family of three will undoubtedly be a strong foundation for the amazing memories you’ll create as a Filby family of four.


Cam & Courtney

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Filby Family 2023 - 01 - Little girl stops to smell pink flowers
Filby Family 2023 - 02 - Little girl poses with her sibling to be
Filby Family 2023 - 03 - Little girl cuddles with her black and white dog
Filby Family 2023 - 04 - Family of three sits with their black and white dog
Filby Family 2023 - 05 - Mom and dad swing their daughter in the park
Filby Family 2023 - 06 - Little girl smiles at the camera as she swings
Filby Family 2023 - 07 - Mother poses with her daughter as she perches atop her baby sibling
Filby Family 2023 - 08 - Little girl giggles as dad tickles her
Filby Family 2023 - 09 - Little girl smiles big between her mom and dad
Filby Family 2023 - 10 - Little girl laughs as she is tickled by her parents
Filby Family 2023 - 11 - Mother takes a quiet moment posing with her belly
Filby Family 2023 - 12 - Husband and wife pose with the belly
Filby Family 2023 - 13 - Husband whispers to his wife
Filby Family 2023 - 14- Family sit together on the steps


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