Adam & Caitlin – Summer Engagement 2022

Jun 27, 2022 | Blog, Engagement

Adam first met Caitlin on the job site at the K+S Potash mine near Lumsden. Both are engineers who met three years ago when they began working together. Adam is shy, and Caitlin is not. She told us that Adam was TERRIFIED of her when they began working together, only speaking to her when absolutely necessary. But thankfully, he got over that fear, worked up the courage to talk to Caitlin, and things got good!

The night of their engagement was one that neither will soon forget. Adam wanted to take Caitlin out for supper to celebrate their anniversary in June 2021. He made plans to go to dinner out in Lumsden, which is near where Adam’s family has a farm. So they got all dressed up, prepared to celebrate in style, but on their way to Lumsden, they received a call from Adam’s dad. 

While on speakerphone, Adam’s dad explained that while he was out in the field, he had gotten the swather stuck. As much as he hated to, he explained that he would need Adam to come to the farm to pull him out with the tractor. Caitlin, dressed for a fancy supper out, was not impressed by this development. She and Adam arrived at the farm, got out of their vehicle and crammed into the tractor. This tractor housed a seat made for one person, not two, and Caitlin was fuming mad.

As they drove through the field, Adam was pointing out things on the land, but Caitlin was way too mad to care what he was talking about. Her concentration was on how the heck she was going to drive this tractor while they freed the swather. Adam told Caitlin that the sun was in his eyes, so he asked if he could wear her sunglasses, to which she begrudgingly obliged. Caitlin told us that she was so mad that she didn’t even notice that there was no sun anywhere that would necessitate sunglasses. 

Adam then pointed out a hunting blind along the tree line, but it was set up way too early- hunting season was still months away. He said that they should just go check it out just in case. Caitlin did not care about what was happening with this blind and did not want to venture out into the field in her dress and sandals. Adam helped her out of the tractor, and they began to walk toward the hunting blind. Adam then started to talk about how much he loved her, how beautiful she was, and how he wanted to spend his life with her. Then Caitlin’s anger dissipated as she finally realized where they were.

At that moment, time stopped. Adam & Caitlin had talked about their plans to build in the valley one day, and this was ‘their place’- the very spot where they will build their one-day home. Before she realized what was happening, Adam was down on one knee, proposing to her. Caitlin heard giggling and snapping coming from the blind, and discovered that her best friend and a photographer were hiding there, and had witnessed the whole thing! Adam had arranged a photographer to capture everything, and even tricked Caitlin into dressing up under the guise of supper out!

Adam & Caitlin, we had such an amazing time with you at your engagement session! It was a perfect night and you both were absolute naturals in front of the camera. There is no doubt in our minds that your fall wedding is going to be amazing and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!


Cam & Courtney

{ Adam & Caitlin – Summer Engagement 2022 }

Adam Caitlin 01 Lumsden Valley Couple stands in tall grass
Adam Caitlin 02 Lumsden Valley Couple walks through tall grass
Adam Caitlin 03 Lumsden Valley Bride to be in a beautiful yellow dress
Adam Caitlin 04 Lumsden Valley Fiance makes his bride to be laugh
Adam Caitlin 05 Lumsden Valley Fiance whispers sweet nothings to his bride to be
Adam Caitlin 06 Lumsden Valley Couple pose together in tall grass
Adam Caitlin 07 Lumsden Valley Bride to be sneaks a kiss
Adam Caitlin 08 Lumsden Valley Fiance wraps up his bride to be in a yellow dress
Adam Caitlin 09 Lumsden Valley Couple sit amongst the tall grass in an intimate moment
Adam Caitlin 10 Lumsden Valley Couple share a kiss in the tall grass
Adam Caitlin 11 Lumsden Valley Couple stands on a gravel road
Adam Caitlin 12 Lumsden Valley Couple pose on a gravel road in the valley
Adam Caitlin 13 Lumsden Valley Couple share a kiss as they cross the bridge
Adam Caitlin 14 Lumsden Valley Couple stands in tall grass in front of the family farm
Adam Caitlin 15 Lumsden Valley Two engineers and their iron rings
Adam Caitlin 16 Lumsden Valley Engineers share a kiss over their iron rings
Adam Caitlin 17 Lumsden Valley Pear shaped engagement ring from James Allen
Adam Caitlin 18 Lumsden Valley Couple stands in the rain with John Deere tractor


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