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Sep 18, 2016 | Blog, Family

Second only to hot summers in Saskatchewan, fall is my favourite season. Crunching leaves. That crisp breeze. Cozy sweaters, warm boots, and knit scarves- I’m a bit of a scarf junkie… Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!!! I truly love all of my clients, but these guys have a little bit more of my heart- they’re family! This is the Selinger family and I love them! You may recognize my adorable niece Evelyn, who was an incredibly adorable Snow White for her first birthday session. Those eyes and curls are unforgettable. I have some serious hair envy of her ever perfect curls- mine don’t seem to obey quite like hers do! In fact, my unruly hair is only tamed by Amy and her amazing hair styling skills as well!


Carlen & Amy wanted to get some updated family photos done, before beautiful fall turns into Amy’s favourite Canadian season- winter! Amy is from Australia, and I’ve never understood her fascination with winter. I will never forget the looks I got from my kids as she walked around outside- while wearing THREE winter jackets!- touching the snow. “Mom, WHAT is she doing?!?”, so funny to witness my Canadian kids not being able to understand a grown up so excited about snow. Particularly because we can all remember days growing up, when you would have to walk to school backwards into the wind, just so you could breathe! There is a beauty to winter for sure, but some days at minus 50 degrees Celsius, that beauty is a bit harder to see – through frost-encrusted eyelashes!


Such a precious family session. It even included some “Possum Magic”, an Australian childhood favourite of Amy’s. I always find it astounding when couples join together from countries across the world. Combining traditions from each country as they start families of their own –  brainwave: Bacon flavoured Tim Tams, oh yeah, that should totally be a thing… I can’t wait to see what Evelyn’s accent might sound like! Selinger family, we love you and can’t wait to watch and walk with you as you grow!


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